In the first half of the last century, a man named Salvatore Lombardo had a vision of having his community green, uncontaminated, and environmentally sound. In 1950, he made a bold decision to bring his vision into action. Being a man of high standards, he chose to dedicate his life to helping his community with their environmental needs and concerns. Sal Lombardo realized that the existing environmental companies were not efficient and affordable enough. He knew he could do it better, more efficient, and inexpensive for his community. The company was born.

As the years have past and the business has grown, Sal brought his sons, Kenny and Ricky, into the business. These days, the halls of Lombardo Environmental are managed not only by the second but also the third generation with Kenny Jr., Keith and Kevin: Three generations of professional experience and expertise to help you with your environmental needs and concerns.

Having been in business for 58 years, the company has all the experience and expertise to handle environmental jobs of any complexity. Our full fleet of modern equipment is a vital part of having any intricate job done at the highest standards, should it be oil heating tank removal, installation, oil tank abandonment, soil testing, or just oil tank maintenance and repair.

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