How much does oil tank removal cost?

Oil tank removal cost mostly effected but not limited by the following factors:

  • Is tank above or below ground
  • Oil Tank’s size
  • Oil Tank’s location
  • The contents inside of the tank
  • Whether there is evidence of leaking
  • Cost of Permit

An average underground storage tank removal cost is $2000 if the tank is not leaking. Due to the factors above and in addition labor of excavation and the need to locate any underground pipes or utility lines price will vary. The larger the tank, the more it costs to remove. The orientation of the tank is another factor in its cost; a horizontally constructed tank that is underground costs less to remove than a vertically constructed storage tank.

A leaking oil tank may require environmental remediation of the surrounding soil and any nearby water sources if the tank content was fuel. If the tank was damaged due to age, soil conditions or severe weather, it may cost more to remove.

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