foamPrivate and commercial property owners, suspecting or realizing a problem with an underground heating oil tank often opt to discontinue using the underground fuel tank as their heating source. In such cases, it is critical to detect the old tank problem and address it accordingly with the proper oil tank abandonment.
Lombardo Environmental offers traditional methods of abandonment such as filling your tank with sand or gravel as well as the latest in abandonment technology – environmentally safe Tank Foam.
Foam is quickly becoming the most practical underground storage tank (UST) fill material in the industry. It’s lightweight (only 110 lbs. per 1,000 gal tank) which makes the tank easy to remove, if necessary, in the future. Tank foam is environmentally “green” and accepted by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and most towns and cities in the tri-state area.
Lombardo Environmental is the premier Tank Foam Specialist in the area. Are you curious about the price of this premium service? We have to confess that we don’t know of ANY other company that sells foam for less than Lombardo Environmental. Call Lombardo for all your underground storage tank (UST) abandonment needs, you’ll be glad you did. No tank is too small or too large.

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