testingIf you one of the many people interested in purchasing a piece of property, you must be cautious in regards to underground storage tanks for the heating needs. Some of the many questions you should be asking yourself should include:
Does the property currently have an underground storage tank?
Has it ever had an underground storage tank?
If so, what is the condition of the tank?
Had it ever been abandoned?
Was it abandoned properly?
Even though the homeowner, the realtor and the lawyer all advise you not to worry, could you afford to inherit someone else’s headache?
Are you still having doubts after all the disclosures?
If you answer “YES” to any of these questions, you need to call the experts at Lombardo Environmental. A tank test, tank search, or post abandonment verification may prevent you from making a BIG mistake today which could cost you just as BIG dollars tomorrow. We will search the grounds of your prospective property for buried oil tanks.

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