3000As complex as it seems (and is!) for a property owner, underground oil tank removal and/ or installation will be performed by Lombardo Environmental professionals within three to four hours after which your lawn will be left environmentally sound and clean.
As our customers say, it’s hard to believe that such heavy equipment had been taken to the site and somewhat six by eight foot area had been excavated to remove and install a 550 gallon (or bigger!) heating oil tank.
The size of the excavation area may vary depending on the size of the fuel oil tank.
However, regardless of the size of the job done, in only a few hours, the site will appear as clean as if it had never been excavated for the underground oil tank removal and/ or installation.
Your comprehensive tank closure report will be submitted to you within two weeks and include copies of all certifications as well as disposal tickets.

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Do I have to remove oil tank from the ground or can I close them in place?
You may either remove them or close them in place, both options are allowed. Generally, oil tank removal will be, in the long run, your best option. This is because it is easier to document closure and cleanup; and to assure others that such was done adequately (i.e., when selling the property to others). All contamination found during closure activities must be addressed in accordance with the federal and state closure guidelines.

How do I test to know if my Oil Tank is leaking?
Buyers of residential or commercial properties are often concerned that an underground oil tank could be leaking. If you are concerned, you can confirm or deny a leak by arranging soil testing around the oil tank.

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